VitaCare In-Home Rehabilitation 

Restoring Quality of Life at Home 

If you or loved one is recovering from recent illness or chronic illness that require therapeutic rehabilitation services, VitaCare Home Health Services may be able to provide qualified, experienced, skilled and compassionate therapists to help you cope with this difficult situation.

VitaCare Home Health Services therapists provide our patients with the Physical, Occupational and Speech rehabilitation services to enable you or your loved one recover at the comfort of their home and to maintain health in their most familiar home environment.  

Whether you or your loved one is recovering from recent surgery, recent debilitating illness, or learning to live with a new orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular or pulmonary condition, VitaCare Home Health rehabilitation services at home can help restore health, well-being and functional skills necessary for participating in daily activities of living at home, work or in our community.

VitaCare In-Home Rehabilitation Services

In home rehabilitative services are often ordered by the primary care physician following in patient stay as a continuation of your recovery and to provide smooth care transition to home and community.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation follows most major procedures such as joint replacement, arthritis, neuromuscular disease, gait and balance problems resulting in frequent falls, and general weakness and debility resulting from aging process. If you are returning home or personal/assisted living setting, you may be eligible to continue the in-home rehabilitation services.

An RN will perform an assessment at your community living setting be it your residential home or in assisted/personal living facility to determine your medical, social or functional status. Following the assessment, the Registered Nurse will recommend in-home plan of care which could include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy services.

Following the initial assessment by the Registered Nurse, a team member form recommended therapy department will visit you or your loved one at home for a detailed assessment and initiation of the plan of care. A focus in the areas of Activities of Daily Living such as walking or ambulation , dressing, toileting, eating, communication, and  transfers. Therapists in conjunction with your primary care provider may recommend specialized specific medical equipment to assist you in carrying out your daily activities of daily living.

VitaCare Home Health Rehabilitation Services include:

In- Home Physical Therapy

VitaCare Home Health Services physical therapists will evaluate you ability to ambulate safely throughout your home, transfer form bed to chair, chair to bed, you or your loved ones strength and endurance  gait, and or fall risk and determine what is needed for successful recovery following injury or acute on chronic illness. We provide in-home physical therapists in all our service area, which include Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, Cumberland, Adams, Berks and Chester counties of Pennsylvania.

Physical therapists may also design an individualized exercise program for you or your loved one to help decrease symptoms and strengthen and maintain your physical capabilities in activity of daily living performance.

VitaCare Home Health Services will coordinate all your physical therapy needs to ensure comfort and utmost in-home care at the comfort of your residency and community.

What are some of the Indicators for Physical Therapy?
  • Falls or near falls

  • Unsafe gait or transfers or noted changes in your loved ones gait or transfers capabilities

  • Pain that affects your mobility

  • Difficulties with home accessibility

  • Recent changes in your loved ones mobility

  • Inability to perform home exercises because it has become too difficult

  • Difficulties with use of assistive devices such as walker, Cain

  • Fear of falls  

In-Home Occupational Therapy

Our in-home occupational therapist will work with you and your loved ones to ensure that you live an independent and fulfilling life at home. Vitacare Home Health Services team will assess and implement a care plan to help you or your loved one live independently at home.

We provide occupational therapy in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Cumberland, Adams, Berks, Lebanon and Chester Counties of Pennsylvania. Your Occupational therapists will device therapeutic measures to make you more comfortable in performance of activity of daily living such as Bathing, meal times- eating, getting dressed, and toileting among other activities of daily living self-performance.

Your occupation therapists in collaboration with your primary care physician and other healthcare providers as a team will recommend any medical equipment’s or accommodations needed to make you or your loved one live a comfortable, safe and satisfying life at home.

What are some of the indicators for Occupational Therapy?
  • Recent decline in self-care activity performance

  • Recent worsening visual changes affecting activities of daily living performance

  • Poor endurance in performance of activities of daily living

  • Home safety hazards

  • Impaired cognition affecting activities of daily living

  • Tremors affecting causing impaired feeding

  • Recent decline/changes in ability to perform and manage  household tasks

In-Home Speech Therapy

Are you or your loved one experiencing recent illness or injury affecting ability to communicate, swallowing problems, recent or frequent diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia, or decrease in voice volume. VitCare Home Health Services Speech Therapist in collaboration with your primary care provider will work with you and your family to device a home care plan to address your needs.

Our in-home care speech therapist will provide individualized dietary recommendations to help maintain a healthy quality of life at home.

What are some of the speech therapy indicators?
  • Signs and Symptoms indicating risk for aspiration such as pocketing food, drooling, gurgly voice, frequent coughing while eating.

  • Decrease voice volume

  • Recent cognitive/memory changes impacting safety during activities of daily living