9 Benefits of Home Care- Home Health Care Agencies

Personal Care in the Comfort and Privacy of their Homes

One of the most awesome gifts we can give to our senior loved ones is taking care of their healthcare needs at the comfort of their homes. Home health agencies offer the opportunity for family caregivers to allow their loved ones to recuperate in the environment where they understand most, a care environment where our elderly dignity is upheld. Receiving professional skilled care by skilled nurses, Medical Social Workers, Home Health Aides and or therapists at home improves their independence and maintains their freedom as opposed to receiving the same level of care at the institutional setting such as Nursing Home or hospitals.

Home Care and Home Health offers an Opportunity for Primary Family Caregivers to take a Break.

CAREGIVERS are able to take a break from care-giving allowing them to get back to their lives and spend quality time with their families.

Home Health and Home Care Agencies are a great family extension. By utilizing the services of home health agency, family primary caregivers are able to take the much needed break to pursue and fulfill their other family obligations. Having an elderly or senior in the family to take care of can be challenging. Home health agencies can therefore provide affordable caregivers to provide the required consistent home health care services without losing their control and independence. Respite care is an option provided by home care agencies to relieve primary caregivers as needed.

Easier for Family and Friends to Visit

Loved one recovering at home allows continues ease for family and friends to provide care and support, companionship and overall easier involvement of all caregivers in patients care.

Quick Recovery and Healing and Safety or a Barrier to Common Hospital Acquired Infections.

Studies have indicated that patient receiving care at home recover quickly, and without much complication as compared to patients receiving care at institutional facilities such as hospitals or extended care facilities. One of the main benefits of home health care is reduction or safety from commonly acquired hospital infections also referred to as nosocomial infection.

Freedom, Dignity and Independence.

Home health agencies present a way for your loved ones to enjoy freedom, dignity and independence at home. Home health agency care and services has been shown to curb loneliness among seniors receiving care. By providing quality companionship, home health agencies and home care agencies are able to support and care for seniors suffering from depression.

Individualized Care and One on One focus/ Support

Home Health and Home Care Agencies provide individualized one on one care. Caregivers spend 100% of time scheduled to care for your only loved ones. This is a huge benefit as compared to other care settings like nursing homes where caregivers have other clients or residents which is usually more than ten (10) residents. In these care settings it becomes difficult to provide individualized one on one care given the number of clients a caregiver is supposed to care for.

Reduced Hospitalization

Studies have demonstrated that home health agencies provide a strategic way of reducing re-hospitalization and delay extended care transfers and admissions. Home health and home care agencies provide skilled nursing monitoring and observation 24/7 for your loved one. This model of care leads to timely recognition of change in condition and early interventions to prevent hospital admissions.

Peace of Mind for Families

Home Health and Home Care Agencies provide 24/7 care support and monitoring through their various programs such as Tele-health monitoring program. In this program, your loved ones vital signs and other clinical critical elements are monitored 24/7 by a nurse and address alerts with your Doctor as needed. Knowing that your loved one is monitored 24/7 by a qualified, compassionate skilled nurse bestows peace of mind for family members.

Affordable Alternative to Long Term Care

Home Health and Home Care Agencies provide cheaper quality care at home healthcare. Home health care is way much cheaper compared to facility inpatient fee for service cost of care.

See table below for a comparison between different care type settings and their national average cost.

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