What is Home Health Care ?

Home Health Care is a wide array of healthcare services that can be provided at the comfort of your home following an injury or chronic illness. As compared to extended care facilities, such as Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities, home health care is usually less expensive, convenient, and effective just like or if not above care you receive at skilled nursing facilities or hospitals.

The primary goal of VitaCare home health services is to treat your illness or injury. Home health care will help you to get better, regain quick recovery, regain your independence and become more self-sufficient as possible at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of VitaCare Home Health Care Services

One of the most important benefits of home health care is to ensure that Ill, elderly, and disabled patients receive Vital, innovative, Trustworthy, Above & Beyond; Compassionate, Accountable and resolute to Excellence home health care services in the convenience of patient’s home.

Home Health Benefits to Patients Healthcare at Home

Patient receive healthcare services at home following an illness or injury. Care and services equivalent to hospital or extended care facilities such as nursing homes or personal/assisted living facilities level of care.

The number one benefit of home health care is patient receive quality healthcare at the privacy and comfort of their homes. Higher sense of security and dignity while facilitating functional and high degree of independence at their most familiar environments.

Receiving care at home reduces hospital re-admissions and studies have shown that patients receiving home health at home recuperate faster and successfully without complications from their illness, injury or surgery as compared to patients receiving care and recovering from a medical facility setting.

Peace of Mind for Family Members

Home care services comes in handy to family members with seniors with more needs than the family can be able to take care of due to work or need time away from care responsibilities. VitaCare Home Health Services can assist families avoid missing family time, career opportunities or children activities.

Families who are not directly providing care will be at peace knowing that their loved one is receiving compassionate, affordable, quality, professional nursing home care. VitaCare Home Health Services offers tele-health program for qualified patients. Our Tele-Health program ensures that our patients are monitored 24/7. How do you feel to know that a nurse is always watching your loved one health care status? Learn more about our Tele-Health Monitoring program.

Affordable Care

According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services the cost of home health care is much lower and equal to or above care provided in nursing homes or assisted living facilities in terms of quality.

Individualized Care- Care Tailored to your Specific Needs

At VitaCare home Health Services we involve you, your caregiver or designee, key professionals and other staff members in developing you or your loved one individualized plan of care, treatment and services.

Your plan is based up on identified problems, needs and goals, physician orders for medication, care treatments services, time frames, your environment and your personal wishes whenever possible. The plan is geared to increase your independence and self-care.

Free from Nosocomial Infection or Hospital Acquired Infection

Nosocomial infections or infections also referred to as hospital acquired infections are contracted because of an infection or toxins that reside in a certain location such as hospital.

According to CDC 1 in 10 people admitted to the hospital will acquire hospital acquired infection. They are also associated with greater disability, death and increased hospital cost.

As medical care becomes more complex, and antibiotic resistance becomes rampart, the cases of hospital acquired infection will continue to rise. Receiving healthcare at home therefore prevents you or your loved one from exposure to hospital acquired infection.

Home Health Care Postpones or Eliminates Institutional Living

Receiving care at home prevents or delays your loved from being admitted to institutions of care such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Home health care professional skilled nurses and therapists provide the same level of care with more attention and dignity to the individualized needs of your loved one.

Home Health Care Protects Personal Freedom

Your loved one will receive utmost care at the comfort of his or her home with freedom of independence at the environment where they understand better.

The goal of VitaCare Home Health Services is to increase your loved one’s independence and self-sufficiency after a spell of illness, injury or following a surgical procedure.

VitaCare Home Health Services main goal is to bring your loved one at per with previous level of functioning or even better while enjoying their personal freedom.

Better Health

VitaCare Home Health Services mission is to ensure the well-being of your loved one through its various home health care programs.

See our specialty home health programs.

Examples of Skilled Home Health Services Include:


What to Expect from Home Health Agency

  • In order to start care your physician will write orders for home health care services. Once your Doctor refers you or your loved one for home health services. The home health agency will schedule an appointment to come to your home and assess your loved ones needs and health care condition/ status.

  • VitaCare Home Health Agency will also communicate with your Doctor regarding your needs or care and update your Doctor regularly regarding your progress.

  • VitaCare Home Health Agency will see you frequently as ordered by your Doctor.

Who Needs Home Health Care?

  • Senior Americans who have chronic health problems, but who want to maintain their independence at their homes with the support of a caring professional caregiver.

  • Patients of all age recovering from surgical interventions, and need support, assistance or supervision as they recover at home.

  • Patients requiring complex medical equipment at home.

  • Young adults recovering from accidents and can manage on their own with professional skilled support.

  • Patients with chronic diseases and disabilities such as Alzheimer’s, Kidney Disease, Diabetes , Heart Failure who need skilled observation and monitoring without entering into skilled long term care institutions such as nursing homes.

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